Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics Solutions

Artyhomes works alongside of designers and architects to create visual experiences that transform commercial spaces. Use custom wall Papers to Convert your walls into creative and unique brand expressions. Make an extra special statement with special print technology and materials that can include textures that bring the visual journey coming off of your walls to life.

We design print and install custom wall papers, wall murals and graphics for clients across the Sri Lanka Implementing the full spectrum of large-format printing machine, materials, methods and technology . we take your idea from the concept phase through production and installation.

Our Wall Decals & Vinyl Wall Papers Are Ideal for
• Academic Campus
o Athletics Facility
o Department Spaces
o Shared Living Areas
• Business Campus
o Common Areas/ Entrances
o Conference Rooms
o Shared Work & Play Space
o Office Barrier & Distraction Graphics
• Corporate Offices
• Food Trucks
• Floor Graphics
• Healthcare Spaces

o Lobby
o Exam Rooms
o ICU’s
• Industrial & Manufacturing

o Break Rooms
o Production Walls/Floors
o Cafeteria
• Museum Art Installation

o Exhibit Wall Coverings
o Exhibit Entrance
o Installation Identification
• Outdoor/Indoor Signage
• Quick Service Restaurants
• Retail Settings

o Walls, Windows, Ceilings & Floors
o In-Store Display
o Outdoor/Indoor Wall Advertisement
• Scaffolding Wraps
• Stairwells
• Trade Events

Custom wall Murals
we can help you find the right material and image combination to create the impression you want. Perfect for retail environments, restaurants, hotels, schools, corporate offices, athletic facilities and more
After printing, we laminate all wall mural graphics with matte or gloss, to protect against scratches and UV fading and allow for easy, damage-proof cleaning. With a range of premium adhesive types at our disposal, we can optimize wall coverings for temporary or permanent use, ensuring maximum durability and color vibrancy no matter your timeline.
Thickness – 250 Microns
Paper – PVC Vinyl
Adhesive – Clear and removable
Nature – Matte or Gloss

Custom Wall covering and Wall Papers
Transform your environment into a remarkable space with commercial grade customized wall coverings or wall Papers . Use your custom image, or choose from our Patterns, to create a unique Modern and stylish area.
Businesses are always looking for innovative ways to engage consumers. Ensure that your customers understand who you are and what you are selling simply by being present in your space.

Vinyl Lettering and counter cut Decals
Delivering a luxurious aesthetic without blowing your budget, vinyl lettering works great on signs announcing sales, business hours, and new products and services, as well as for decorative elements. To cut the vinyl, we use a professional-grade plotter machine as well as lazar tech , which provides superior accuracy and sharpness for elaborate shape and color combinations. We offer gloss and matte options for temporary and permanent use, and can apply graphics to a variety of surfaces, including glass, painted walls, and vehicles.

Exterior Wall graphics ( exterior wall Paper )
Applying our aggressive, cast-adhesive vinyl at a high temperature, we can wrap brick, concrete, metal, and even stucco with standout graphics for temporary or permanent use. To ensure High quality we all ways use 100 microns UV treated laminate film .

vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise and market your business.whether you’re actually going about your daily business in your vehicle, or whether you’re parked or even in a traffic jam, your message and brand is being viewed by those around you!